Woohoo! I scored 100% on the Google Analytics Academy course. 😁 #LatinaGeeks

Dessert. @bruxiewaffles (at Bruxie’s Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches)

I’m ready for my golf lesson. Lets see if I can disguise my baseball swing. #LatinaGeeks. (at Black Gold Golf Club)

@comiendoenla is already getting down at the @lakers game. It’s a perfect Friday night with #LatinaGeeks. Thx @eddiestickets (at Staples Center)

I’m ready for the #NLBWALA Business Management Academy featuring my girl @sparklinglala. Get it gurl! #Latinageeks. (at New York Life (Pasadena GO))

Thank you for the gift card @sparklinglala! I just picked up this sweet @logitech webcam for our Google Hangouts. #LatinaGeeks. (at Best Buy)

It was a pleasure leading a social media workshop for the Latino Business Student Association at UC Irvine. They were so thoughtful to give this certificate of appreciation. #LatinaGeeks (at Student Center (SC))

Yum, yum. Dim sum. #Hangry #IGotRhymes (at King Lobster Palace)

I LOVE coming home and finding presents! Early #birthday goodies!! (at Old Towne Orange)

My sizzling hot pot dish with chicken and veggies. Can you hear it pop?! #delicious. #LunchSpecial (at Pho Hao Noodle House)